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IGN: 1mu

1mu's Staff App

Post by Eyan2020 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:49 am

■IGN (Your In Game Name): 1mu
■Age: 16
■Discord Name And Id (You Must Have Discord, To Be A Staff Member) Eg: Johny Muffin#3567: Jesus #5734
■Do You Have A Mic (Yes Or No): Yes
■What Country Do You Live In Or Timezone: America EST
■What Rank You Currently Hold On The Server: Wanderer
■Plugins You Understand List (Paste In What Plugins You Know Into Your App)

Log Block
World Guard
World Edit
Group Manager/Pex

I know all of these plugins above

■What Languages You Know: English
■What Experience Have You Had Hosting Your Own Or Working With Bukkit. Please Explain in-depth. If None, Put Down None or Builder if your applying to be a builder: I owned 9 minecraft bukkit servers over the course of 5 years of my life
■How Long Have You Played On The Server: Weeks
■Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Member: Cause i like helping people and making the server a better place for the community.
■Were You Asked By A Staff Member To Do This, And If So What Is Their Name. Otherwise Say No. Yes, megadom

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