KomodoDragon108 Staff Application

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IGN: KomodoDragon108

KomodoDragon108 Staff Application

Post by KomodoDragon108 » Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:38 am

IGN: KomodoDragon108
Age: 17
Discord: KomodoDragon108 🐉#1564
Mic?: Yes
Country: USA Timezone: Pacific
Rank: Senior
Plugins: Essentials, W/E, W/G, G/M
Languages: English
Experience: I have helped host and create servers in the past. I usually like to make the server and install all the plugins. Bukkit is the main jar file I work with but sometimes it is sponge forge.
Playtime: Started 10/26/2018
Why?: I have many years of experience of being staff under my belt. Helping players and people is just something apart of my nature. I dont help people becuase it makes me feel good, I help becuase its just who I am.
Was I asked?: No

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Re: KomodoDragon108 Staff Application

Post by jetpackingwolf » Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:23 pm

We believe that your application doesn't have enough content or sentences to be considered acceptable. You where also denied due to being new to the sever on the creation of this app. If you become active you may want to reapply. We would recommend to use the standards posted in the template post.