PertSK- Helper reapply

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PertSK- Helper reapply

Post by PertSK » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:16 pm

■IGN (Your In Game Name):PertSK
■Discord Name And Id (You Must Have Discord, To Be A Staff Member) Eg: Johny Muffin#3567: PertSK#8506
■Do You Have A Mic (Yes Or No):Yes
■What Country Do You Live In Or Timezone:UTC +1
■What Rank You Currently Hold On The Server: VIP+
■Plugins You Understand List (Paste In What Plugins You Know Into Your App)
LWC.Log Block,Essentials,Authme,World Guard,Reporter

■What Languages You Know: Slovakia,Czech,English
■What Experience Have You Had Hosting Your Own Or Working With Bukkit. Please Explain in-depth. If None, Put Down None or Builder if your applying to be a builder: I was Helper on a few Slovakia and Czech servers back in 1.5.2 and 1.7.2. I mostly helped players and sometimes i helped higher staff members. I helped a few of my friends set up a server. Plugins are something that always interested me, and i think the minecraft multiplayer experience wouldnt work without them.
How Long Have You Played On The Server: Since BL and RL were merged
■Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Member: I've been a on server for some time so i know community and people in it. Helping a new players or an old players is the thing i personally really enjoy. The community is going downhill, mostly becouse most of the staff are inactive. The Discord dramas are just happening everyday and the only staff members that are doing anything are Swag and Ekoro. I would love to help them and thus help the whole community. I and FPants tried multiple times to calm down the discord "drama" but we cant do much as a normal users.
■Were You Asked By A Staff Member To Do This, And If So What Is Their Name. Otherwise Say No: Skittle (When he was still being active)

I know this is really short, but i hope i will get accepted. Have a good day

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