MisterFPants' Staff Application

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IGN: misterfpants

MisterFPants' Staff Application

Post by misterfpants » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:13 pm

IGN: misterfpants

Age: I'd rather not say, but to comply with COPPA, i will (truthfully) state that i'm over 13. I think that I have proven my maturity through discord.

Discord Name & ID: misterfp#8013

Do You Have A Mic: Sort of. My tablet microphone. I prefer not to use it, though.

What Country Or Timezone Do You Live In: Italy.

What Rank You Currently Hold On The Server: Hero

Plugins You Understand List:
LWC, Essentials, Reporter.

What Languages You Know: English

What Experience Have You Had Hosting Your Own Or Working With Bukkit. Please Explain in-depth. If None, Put Down None or Builder if your applying to be a builder: I host a server to play minecraft with my brother. I understand the basics of how bukkit works and how to use it. Although it isn't bukkit, I also currently run an anarchy realm on bedrock.

How Long Have You Played On The Server: I've played since sometime in December '18, and been in the discord since October '18. I'm not sure of my playtime on beta and modern.

Why do you want to be a staff member: I've noticed the community going downhill, and some staff being inactive. I'm currently fairly active, and have attempted many times to calm things down, so I thought my best course of action would be to apply as staff. I have agreed and disagreed with certain viewpoints in the past, but i'm fully willing to put my bias aside for staff duties.

I'm not perfect, but I think I could help.

Were You Asked By A Staff Member To Do This, And If So What Is Their Name. Otherwise Say No: Swag & Pert have both agreed with the idea, and a few other non-staff players.


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Re: MisterFPants' Staff Application

Post by PertSK » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:19 pm

Pert has said this is gud, and it is gud 11/9

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