Sirader's Staff Application

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Sirader's Staff Application

Post by ProjectRyan » Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:43 am

■IGN - Sirader_
■Age: 14 (turning 15 soon)
■Discord Name - Sirader#9999
■Do You Have A Mic - Yes of course :D
■What Country Do You Live In Or Timezone - United States: Central Time (CST)
■What Rank You Currently Hold On The Server - I am a Donator
■Plugins You Understand List (Paste In What Plugins You Know Into Your App)

-I know LWC
-Log Block Basics
-World Edit
-The basics of Essentials

■What Languages You Know
American English
■What Experience Have You Had Hosting Your Own Or Working With Bukkit. Please Explain in-depth. If None, Put Down None or Builder if your applying to be a builder:
■How Long Have You Played On The Server
-I've been a Ultra Donator ever since the separation of Johnny(Retro Lands) and Sweets(Gay) (Beta Lands)
■Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Member:
- I love the Beta specifically Retro Lands community, I have been in it for around a year almost 2. But It makes me feel happy and happy when a new player joins and I always say Welcome to Retro Lands sometimes before anyone else but usually Johnny is the faster typing person right Johnny. I'd love to become staff since I could really help the server with errors with plugins and such and also the discord server. I'm on discord everyday 5+ hours a day usually on weekends and weeks. Like I said I love Retro Lands as much as I appreciate everyone in it as well!
■Were You Asked By A Staff Member To Do This, And If So What Is Their Name. Otherwise Say No

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